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Digital Marketing

Getting digital with it

From scaling the search engine rankings to optimizing your content, we tackle the key areas for businesses looking to up their online game. Get ready to get digital. The virtual world is a noisy one. Brands and businesses are competing for customers’ attention like never before, and they’re up against the rest of the internet […]


Facebook’s latest venture into cryptocurrency

We separate the facts from the fabrications and give you the lowdown on what Libra really means for the world’s financial future.

Future of work

Generation Y and Z want to reinvent a new model of society

An interview with Séverin Naudet, Mantu Chief Digital Officer


Blockchain: beyond trust

Trust is a paradoxical notion. In order to trust someone or something, you have to feel safe and secure when interacting with them / it.


The augmented worker

The nature of work is changing.

Digital Marketing

Experiential: digital marketing for real-life experiences

What is guerilla marketing ? Nowadays, it is no longer enough to simply sell a product: consumers are evolving, and they want to buy from companies that share their vision and ideals. Brands understand this, and they are responding by striving to build a more accessible, human image, but also by providing branded ‘experiences’ to […]


Neuroscience: an untapped potential for growth

How can a discipline studying the way brains evolve, develop and work drive business growth?

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